What Your Advisor Should Be Doing

What Your Advisor Should Be Doing

Times of economic uncertainty are great opportunities for your financial advisor to come along side of you and offer support. Unfortunately, that is not everyone's experience. An economic downturn can also reveal what kind of advisor you have.
Has your advisor responded to your calls or emails? Is your advisor reminding you of your long term goals? These are just a few examples of what your financial advisor should be doing.

Your Advisor Should Be Proactive.

Financial advisors should be proactively reaching out to clients and providing reassurance. Advisors should be a resource for relevant and timely information, especially during economic uncertainty.

At Covenant Wealth Strategies, we set the bar high and strive to deliver proactive concierge services to exceed your expectations.

Your Advisor Should Remind You of Your Goals.

One of the first questions that your financial advisor should ask is, "What are your goals and objectives?" A financial advisor should have a thorough understanding of your short term and long term goals.

This will help your advisor know how to guide you when the economy experiences a downturn. The best advisors reminds their clients of their long term goals and encourages them to stick with their strategy.

Your Advisor Should Bring Creative Options.

"Most of our clients only get to experience significant life events once, such as retirement. As financial advisors, we go through these events dozens of times as we guide each client. This enables us to have the knowledge and wisdom to best serve our clients." said President and CEO of Covenant Wealth Strategies, G. Ward Keever, CLU, ChFC, RHU, AEP, CFS, AIF, CKA.

Is your advisor only interested in discussing your investments? Good financial advisors should be leaning in and providing you with creative solutions for everyday problems.

Your Advisor Should Show You They Care.

The best financial advisors care about the overall success of their clients.
One of our values at Covenant Wealth Strategies is empathy. We are with you through the challenges you may face during times of change in your life.

We want to be one of our clients' first five phone calls when something significant happens because we care and because there are usually financial implications to these events.

If you are looking for a financial advisor, please reach out to our team at Covenant Wealth Strategies contactus@covenantwealthstrategies.com or call us at 302.234.5655 to set up a mutually convenient date/time to speak. Together, we can develop a long-lasting relationship shaped by your goals and enriched by our expertise. We look forward to serving you!