Timely & Relevant News: Your Economic Impact Payment Card

Don't be alarmed if you receive a pre-paid debit card in the mail. The IRS made an announcement last week that nearly four million people will receive their Economic Impact Payment this way. The debit card will be delivered in a plain envelope from Money Network Cardholder Services.

The card will have the Visa emblem on the front and will come with information that explains that the card is an Economic Impact Payment Card.

According to the IRS, those who receive this debit card will be able to use the card without any fees and will be able to, "Make purchases online and at any retail location where Visa is accepted. Get cash from in-network ATMs. Transfer funds to their personal bank account and check their card balance online, by mobile app, or by phone."

For more information about the Economic Impact Payment Card please visit, The IRS Website.

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