Timely and Relevant News: Civic Unrest

Covenant Wealth Strategies condemns the violent actions at the US Capitol Building on Wednesday and hopes for healing in our nation’s political and societal divides. 

As our country continues to experience social and political division, we want to remind you that we remain committed to you and are constant in our approach.

During times of conflicting voices and civic unrest, it is important to stay focused on your long-term goals and objectives. Good investment decisions see beyond the current circumstances. Various forms of stress can lead to emotional decisions that are counter-productive to your financial well-being. This is another reason why working with a trusted financial advisor is more imperative than ever.

Our team closely monitors and considers current events - among a variety of other factors - as we make wise and educated financial decisions for all our clients. No matter the challenge or circumstance, we strive to fulfill our mission of "helping you build financial security, see dreams fulfilled, and create enduring legacies."

If you have specific questions or would like to discuss your own investment strategy or financial planning needs, we welcome you to call us at 302.234.5655 or email us at contactus@covenantwealthstrategies.com to set up time to discuss further.