Important Questions to Ask Yourself Now

  1. Do I have a trusted advisor who will help me pursue my personal dreams and goals?
  2. Do I have someone who can help me with strategies for preserving and creating additional wealth and who aligns their success with my success?
  3. Do I conduct frequent reviews of my investments to ensure there have been no significant changes in their activities, portfolio holdings, management team, business environment, etc. that would cause me to take corrective steps?
  4. Who is watching out for me to help ensure my assets are being appropriately managed?
  5. Do I have the expertise to manage my own investment account(s)?
    • Do I understand investment principles such as portfolio optimization?
    • Do I know the various asset classes and how they can be expected to perform under changing market conditions?
    • Do I understand the value of diversification across multiple asset classes?
    • Do I know what types of investments are available and which would be most appropriate for my various needs, e.g. retirement, college tuition plans, 401K consolidation, etc.?
  6. Do I have the time and interest to manage my own investment account(s) and to be constantly searching for more appropriate choices?
  7. Do I have independent resources available to research my various investments?
  8. Do I have a trusted advisor to walk with me (or my spouse) during those challenging life events to help me sort through the various financial options and help ensure that no details are overlooked?
  9. Do I have confidence about how my investment accounts are currently being managed and their ability to provide for my future needs?
  10. Am I confident that my advisor is acting in my best interests at all times?