Keys To Investing During An Election

Presidential elections always add extra factors to consider when investing. Investors often make their worst mistakes during election years. While the current environment may be shifting rapidly, investors' long-term portfolio objectives typically aren't, making it crucial to stick to a plan.

We encourage you to read Five Keys To Investing In An Election Year.

The defining characteristic of the market environment during an election year is uncertainty and markets don't like the uncertainty. Often in response, volatility can occur and potentially trigger a pullback. At Covenant Wealth Strategies, we generally view pullbacks as buying opportunities. Once the election is over and the outcome is determined - regardless of which party wins - the uncertainty surrounding the election will be eliminated and markets may be inclined to move higher. As always, we continue to closely monitor both market fundamentals and technicals to make wise decisions with the resources entrusted to us.

Rather than trying to get in and out of the markets around election day, remember that history points to the advantages of a long-term approach. If you would like to discuss your own financial planning or investment strategy needs, we welcome you to Contact Us to set up time to discuss further. 

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