Insurance Planning and Risk Management

As a natural part of life, there are unforeseen circumstances that threaten your well-being and financial security no matter how hard you’ve worked. Although death, disability, and other potential hardships are unpleasant to think about, our team at Covenant Wealth Strategies knows beginning this dialogue is an essential part of every client’s financial plan. Assessing and managing the risk associated with unanticipated events is crucial for us to safeguard you and all you hold dear even if the unexpected happens.

Life Insurance: Life insurance is an important component of financial planning. We review your individual and group coverage and assist you in determining the amount of coverage for you and your family. As an independent firm, we can help you shop the market for the policy that suits your financial and lifestyle needs. The end result is a financial resource which takes care of your loved ones at a time of loss.

Disability Insurance: Disability insurance plays a vital role when retaining an income stream following an injury or illness. We evaluate any coverage you presently have and walk you through the detailed process of disability insurance underwriting for any additional coverage you choose to obtain.

Long Term Care Insurance: More and more people are living longer and longer, and many of them with medical conditions that require a higher level of medical attention. These complications can be costly and may be an out-of-pocket expense if you’re not prepared. Long- term care insurance can help your family mange the financial impact of home health care, assisted living, or nursing home expenses.