Cybersecurity Resources & Video Replay

The importance of cybersecurity can not be overstated. Each day, we entrust our personal and sensitive information to the vast expanse of the internet, making it vital to safeguard our data from potential threats.

We are including the relevant and comprehensive information outlined below to further assist you with protecting your personal and confidential information.

Additionally, below is a list of apps and vendors, which were referenced by our guest speaker from our virtual cybersecurity event that are considered reputable in their respective industries.


Password Managers are a good way to manage and store the multitude of passwords we utilize daily for various online sites. Consider using a reputable password manager with state-of-the-art encryption to help you better manage them and stay secure.

1Password    |

DashLane    |

Keeper         |


Anti-virus is a vital tool in your arsenal of defenses against malware and needs to be kept current and up to date. All devices need to be protected, irrespective of manufacturer. Consider installing a reputable provider.

BitDefender  |

Intego             |

McAfee          |

Norton            |

Sophos            |

The following will assist with reducing the number of spam calls and texts received; however will need to be updated regularly.

Hiya                |

Nomorobo    |

Truecaller      |

The following will help to protect your mobile device from viruses, malware, and rogue apps:

Lookout          | Apple Store/Google Play

McAfree Mobile   | Apple Store/Google Play

Sophos Intercept | Apple Store/Google Play


VPNs are essential, particularly on any public network, including travel lounges, hotels, coffee shops, and other public locations. Consider using a reputable provider with many servers around the globe which utilizes good security and installs on your mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and desktops.

Express VPN    |

NordVPN          |

TorGuardVPN |

TunnelBear      |

VyprVPN          |

By following these tips and maintaining vigilance in your online activities, you can significantly reduce your risk of falling victim to cyber threats. If you have additional questions about cybersecurity or have financial planning needs, we encourage you to Contact Us.


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