April Is National Financial Literacy Month

April is National Financial Literacy month and it's a great time to take control of your finances.

A lack of financial knowledge and preparedness has huge societal costs, and as Americans age, these costs will likely increase. 

Yet many Americans are operating their personal finances with only the barest minimum of knowledge. One study found that, when asked five basic questions about finances and the markets, 61% of Americans were unable to answer more than 3 correctly.*

We encourage you to read more about The Financial Literacy Crisis and check out our Goals Calculator to see how you are measuring up against your financial goals.

Education and professional development are top priorities among team members at Covenant Wealth Strategies. As a team, we collectively work together to empower our clients so that they can be in a position to make well-informed and educated financial decisions.

If you are committed to increasing your own financial literacy, a good beginning is never being afraid to ask questions. We encourage you to Contact Us to see how we can help answer your questions.