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Our Pillars

Our team of experienced advisors and associates utilize both extensive industry knowledge and sound practices to steward your wealth. United by a common set of principles and a client-centered mentality, we are the responsible professionals you can come to with your questions, your concerns, and, most importantly, your greatest ambitions. Covenant Wealth Strategies’ three pillars - comprehensive planning, concierge service, and independence – provide an unwavering commitment to your financial security.

Comprehensive Planning

A keen awareness for your unique objectives gives our advisors the ability to align your goals with a financial plan. We begin this process by instituting customized strategies for retirement, investment planning, tax efficiency, social security, estate planning, and risk management. After your plan is in place, it is continually reviewed and updated to account for any changes in your needs, as well as market conditions and forecasts.

Concierge Service

We’ve set a high standard of service in our field. Our client centric approach to financial planning and wealth management seeks to place your interests first at all times. When you become our client, we become the team that navigates your personal and professional path to success. We never loose site of the trust and confidence you place in us to assist you during all of life’s milestones, transition and celebrations.


You deserve financial guidance that exemplifies integrity and honesty. As a privately-owned advisory practice, we place your best interests first, suggesting a course of action that is objective and free of proprietary products. Additionally, we can connect you with a network of attorneys, accountants, and insurance associates who have a vested interest in advancing and protecting your wealth.